Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun ReviewHere we have one of the most famous paintball guns on the market today and there are several reasons for its global reputation. With the Tippmann 98 Custom, you will enjoy the most recent evolutionary evolve from the well-known Tippmann Model 98 marker. Tippmann has not only taken all the best features out of the prevoious 98 model but also improved the performance and accuracy and the end- result is a revolutionary marker called Tippmann 98 Custom.

Users love the durability, reliability and the accuracy of this marker. Moreover, current users are thrilled with the millions of ways they can customize the marker with crazy selection of accessories and other upgrades available. With all the upgrade possibilities, this marker is one of the most versatile beginner’s paintball guns that you can find.

This paintball gun is ideal for newbies who wants to be able to upgrade/customize their gun later on to step-up their game. Or simply for players who are looking for a top quality gun that will last many years.  If you are browsing for your first paintball gun, I urge you to consider the Tippmann 98 Custom marker.

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Key Features

  • User friendly semi-auto marker that provides reliability and excellent performance
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Aluminum receiver
  • In-line bolt system
  • Piccatinny rail to modify (scopes & handles)
  • Split receiver design so you can quickly access the internal components
  • Very easy to remove power tube
  • .68 caliber
  • Vertical front grip to ensure stability and comfort
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Expect around 500+ shots per fill
  • 11RPS cycle rate
  • The length of the barrel is 8.5″
  • Effective range upto 150 feet


This marker perfectly delivers what it says on the tin. There is no lack of shooting prowess with the 98 Custom as it supplies extremely accurate shots. To help the user to achieve this accuracy, the Tippmann has designed the trigger in just the perfect size. This marker shoots just as well as high-rated tournament paintball markers but for only the fraction of the price. You are able to choose whether you use CO2 or compressed air and the gun is able to fire-off around 8 sps (shots per second), which is more than enough for any paintball player.

Moreover, this marker will last much longer than other brands because it utilizes hardly any and therefore you won’t have to be so dependent on new air source. There are some users stating that they have won tournaments with this gun but don’t expect to buy it and use it out-of-the-box for the first time in a tournament. The awesome thing about this gun is that you can basically turn it into a monster paintball, thanks to the upgrades readily available for this marker.


It is very likely that you will get the 98 Custom once you rent a marker on the field and the reason lies in the fact that it is designed for rough handling and extreme environment scenarios. You can fall, crawl, roll and jump without having to worry about the marker. You can basically throw it over and over again on the ground and it will always perform like new. There are so many stories online about owners that share their harsh treatment of this gun.

One claimed that he even drove over his unit and continued to use it like nothing happened. Some say that they have not even cleaned their gun in years, but still say it performs like never before. Users are sharing these stories because Tippmann has done a really good job with this marker. It’s made out of top quality metal that is not only easy but also comfortable to hold and you can carry the gun around for hours and hours without getting tired in your hands and shoulders.


Most of you are not too worried about how your gun looks like. The 98 Custom marker certainly has a unique design. It’s not the traditional looking paintball gun and does not follow the mainstream design style, like most of the other manufacturer focus on.  It’s very long and the front grip is designed to set apart from the steel braided air hose. This style receives mixed reviews as some hate it and others love it.

The Tippmann98 has a unique look to it and was designed with performance and style in mind. Like I did mention above, it’s likely that you don’t care about how your paintball gun looks like if you are  beginner but one thing to keep in mind (in case you hate the style) is that this marker offers thousands of ways to upgrade and you can customize your gun to fit your desired needs and style.  If you step-up your game later on, you can turn this simple gun into a sophisticated tournament marker. This is extremely handy feature for those who enjoy Mil-Sim or re-enacting paintball game-plays.


I have been hammering on the upgrade feature of this gun throughout this review. The reality is that the upgrades are one of its selling points and one of its best qualities. Also, the upgrades are readily available and they are dead easy to perform, regardless of your experience. The upgrade options are basically endless and you will find ideas online about how you can transform your marker into something special. To name few upgrades that you can perform, they include  cyclone feed system, drop forwards, custom stocks, electronic grips, high end barrels, response triggers just to name few. Users do find the response-trigger handy because it removes un-used air from the breech to push the trigger outwards.

As soon as the un-used air has been released, you are able to squeeze the trigger for a simulated auto shooting. That basically means that you do not have to take your finger off of the trigger to fire the shots. To sum it up, customization is what users love and it gives you opportunity to seriously step-up your game once you have mastered your gun.


  • Extremely reliable and durable marker
  • Thousands of ways to customize
  • Hardly any maintenance
  • Very comfortable grip

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  • This marker is relatively long compared to other markers
    Not the fastest shooting unit
  • Users have mentioned that it can be difficult to completely disassemble
  • In terms of performance, users have stated that there is a bit of recoil

Final Thoughts

Overall, it can be said that this marker is a fantastic entry-level paintball gun. Its main selling point is that you can upgrade it to fit your playing style and need. What I love the most about this paintball gun are the upgrade features, they are basically endless. This unit is extremely popular and the true value lies in its performance and its upgradeability. It comes with an extremely appealing price tag (because of the upgrades).

You can basically build your own kit that fits your preferred style and budget and you will end up with a professional high-end tournament gun that will last you for years to come. Here we have an easy to operate gun that rises well above other markers when taken into account durability, user friendliness and customization options. This is a fantastic, budget friendly marker that is ideal for those who are looking for a quality product for a great price. If you are looking for your first paintball gun, I will heartily recommend the Tippmann 98 Custom.