Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun Review

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun Review

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun ReviewThe X7 Phenom from Tippmann comes with a so called FlexValve technology. By incorporating the FlexValve innovation, you will enjoy a marker that is going to give outstanding air efficiency by operating below 300PSI. This will give you the ability to fire-off 1400 shots easily from a 4500PSI tank. Moreover, the electronic version of the X7 Phenom is the very first electro-pneumatic designed gun to offer high-rated features such as the ability to choose between CO2 or air pressure, manual & electric shooting modes, superb air efficiency and excellent accuracy.

This marker is perfect for Woodsball and Mil-Sim game play and also those paintballers that are searching for a top rated gun with stylish military design. You are able to convert this marker into many different types of machine guns and rifles. Moreover, if you want to customize it to fit your personal unique style, the options are basically endless. Most of the X7 owners rank this marker as one of the best Woodsball paintball gun that you can get your hands on. This is truly a complete gun for those that are looking for a premium tournament paintball gun.  In order to find out what it really is that makes the X7 stand out above the crowd, let’s analyze the X7 further and see if it’s your perfect fit.

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Key Features

  • Lightweight and compacts aluminum frame
  • Cyclone Feed System that can feed up to 20bps (without batteries)
  • Quick release magazine
  • Built-in tool storage in the magazine
  • Front and rear sights can be removed
  • FlexValve technology to improve air efficiency and reduce recoil
  • Metal trigger to improve balance
  • Contains a servicing kit
  • 5 different firing modes (Semi-Auto, Full-Auto, NPPL, Response and PSP)
  • Three position selector switch
  • Picatinny rail for additional accessories (handles and scopes)
  • Works with air thru stocks
  • 2 year warranty


The Tippmann has done an amazing job to minimize recoil by building this marker with a Spool-Valve layout.  You will experience almost no kick-back at all once you pull the trigger. With minimum recoil, your shot will be a lot more accurate and this is confirmed by current X7 owners. They generally all agree that this marker is not only extremely accurate, but very quiet as well.

With the newly designed cyclone feed system, the hopper is able to store up to 200 paintballs and you are able to fire-off around 20 balls per second at almost 150 feet distance range. The X7 is extremely reliable and it will fire, without exception, every single time you pull the trigger and the best part is that it’s all done without batteries.  To improve the accuracy even more, the trigger was built out of metal. Additionally, it includes a 3 position selector switch that allows you to choose up to 5 different firing modes.

When we talk about the performance of the X7, there is actually nothing negative to say. It’s very easy to hold the grip and once you fire-off the shot, you can be sure that there will be minimum recoil. Once you feel the metal trigger, the pull is extremely light and shots are extremely smooth. The X7 is built to maximize your performance on the field and it is durable and well-built marker that outperforms most of the other paintball guns available on the market.

Flex Valve Technology

The Flex-Valve Technology is the innovative technology that Tippmann used in the X7 design. It’s all about air efficiency and the Flex-Valve technology was developed to basically reduce the operating pressure to below 300FPS. Once Tippmann reached the goal of lowering the pressure to 300 fps, they were able to offer a paintball gun to the market that has hardly any recoil and was extremely air efficient as well. With the Flex-Valve, you are able to fire-off considerably more rounds using the same amount of air as a result of this feature.


The X7 Phenom is just about 4pounds, 19.75in long and the barrel is 9.5in. It is extremely lightweight because of its aluminum constructed body. The design was developed to perform easy and quick field stripping utilizing the PushPin construction. Moreover, what owners love about the design is how quickly you can remove the magazine and also the additional tool storage space in the magazine.

There are many markers available that focus on military style design but the X7 seems to be one of the very few that actually lives up to the “professional military” claims design. Featuring extremely low profile with the hopper conveniently placed to ensure that you can always have a perfect view to shoot. With the internal regulator, you can modify the air pressure which then again balances the velocity. Don’t worry if you are wondering how to increase or decrease the velocity because it comes with a built in diagram so you won’t have to memorize anything at all. Making use of the regulator is an easy process that you can fine-tune the velocity of the shots and therefore adapt to each game conditions.


This paintball gun can be upgraded in many different ways and amongst the most popular ones is the Flat-line Barrel upgrade. The sky is basically the limit when comes to upgrade the X7 and you are able to add lots of different aesthetic upgrades as well for many other different styles. What’s more, the X7 features a Picatiny rail along with a second rail to allow for sights, scopes and new handles. At any time, you are able to take out the rear and front sights. If you feel this marker is on the heavy side or bulky, you are able to upgrade it with a so called remote line in order to balance the weigh.

Paintballers love the idea that you can basically upgrade this marker from mechanical version to electronic version easily. The upgrade process only requires you to invest in the Egrip that you will add to replace current grip.  The upgrade list is endless, but to name few upgrades that you can perform are for example a 16″ straight-line, Freedom Figther Barrel, Dominator Barrel, Deluxe Remote, Pathfinder 14″ barrel and Low Profile hopper. Keep in mind that any additional upgrade might make your marker heavier and therefore could affect its accuracy.


The maintenance procedure of the X7 is extremely easy. It comes out-of-the-box with everything that you need to clean and maintain your marker. You will a basic servicing kit, lube and a barrel blocking device. With no external air-hose to deal with, the cleaning process is dead simple. Always remember to maintain the cyclone properly clean and lubed at all times and after each game-play. If you do so, you will be able to enhance the durability for years to come.


  • Hardly any recoil
  • Switch easily from Mechanical to Electro-Pneumatic Firing Mode
  • Performs accurately and consistently even in long distances
  • Endless upgrade possibilities
  • Superb air efficiency, thanks to Flex Valve Technology
  • Military style gun
  • Cyclone Feed System

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Might feel a little bulky in some hands

Final Thoughts

At the end you’ll have to make up your mind if you want to invest in a mechanical or electronic X7 marker. Even though electronic markers are incredibly popular at the moment, many people don’t like the extra difficulties that follow electronic devices. The basic fact is that many people are just looking for something simple and many paintballers out there just love the simplicity of a mechanical unit.

Even though you go for the mechanical model, you will be able to enjoy the awesome FlexValve system that is designed to improve accuracy and air efficiency. You will also enjoy the benefits of being able to customize and upgrade your gun in endless ways. Also, the upgrade process from mechanical to electrical x7 is a simple process so you could maybe start off by getting a mechanical model and see if it fits your playing style and skill and then later on upgrade the gun.

The electric version is just a stunning and versatile marker that will provide you with a lot of power. It’s perfect for Woodsball play due to its easy handling, accuracy and air efficiency once you fire while on the run. The electric version has so many awesome features that outperform the mechanical model but for a beginner, maybe you should consider the mechanical one.