How to Choose the Best Paintball Hopper/Loader?

Choose the Best Paintball Hopper

Choose the Best Paintball Hopper/Loader

It goes without saying that if you want to succeed in paintball, you need to be the best and when you play paintball, performance is everything. But, to succeed in paintball you need to have the best gun and use the best gear. Therefore, it is important to choose the very best hopper/loader because if you have a top-rated hopper, it will peak your performance on the field.

All right, now you know that you need efficient and reliable loader but how will you know which one is the very best for you? As you know, there are so many loaders available today and they come in all sizes, differ in quality and price. The good thing about hoppers (unlike paintball guns) is that they are universal. In other words, many of your team-mates and opponents will be using the same loader although maybe none are using the same gun.


How to Choose the Best Paintball HopperIf we analyze what capacity means, it can be described as the approximate range of paintballs that can be stored in the hopper/loader without over/under filling the loader. It is difficult to determine the precise number that the loader can hold because the loaders are designed in a round and uneven shape. However, you need to think about capacity and capacity is actually very important element for all kind of playing styles and specially important for those who plan on to use pods in their play. In order to avoid wasting paint when you are reloading, it is extremely important to have a loader that can store more paintballs than the pod it self

Another factor to keep in mind is that capacity affects weight. Your loader is going to weigh considerably more when you fill it with paint and you will increase the weigh by 25 percent by adding more balls with hi-cap. For instance, those of you scenario players out there, that are planning on playing for hours out in the field, will not prefer high-capacity because you wouldn’t want to carry heavy weight on top of your gun and additional weight on your back to fill it. The reality is that capacity isn’t as important as having enough painting on you to constantly refill the loader.


You have to be able to rely on your loader to feed you paintballs but you need to have in mind that even gravity-fed hoppers could turn out to be unreliable. Obviously, if you have a massive loader that is able to spit out over 50 balls per second, is more likely to malfunction than gravity-fed loader. Having said that, the technology regarding hoppers are getting more and more sophisticated every year and they have advanced a long way from the earlier units.

Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to maintenance when you are dealing with hoppers. They need to be kept clean, paint free and juiced up. If you properly maintain and keep your loader clean after each use, you can be sure to reduce the risk of malfunction significantly and you can rely on your gun to work. Just make sure that no dirt or excess paint get into the loader because it doesn’t matter how expensive or what brand your buy, if dirt or paint gets into the hopper, it will jam and cause malfunction eventually. What you need to do is to know your gun like the back of your hand, practice dissembling your gun and loader, clean everything and maintain your equipment periodically, it will pay off long-term.

How to Choose the Best Paintball HopperSince we are talking about reliability, it is important to mention another factor and that is the quality of the paint you use. Treat your gun only the best stuff, don’t try to save a buck or two by investing in a low grade paint. It will decrease your performance on the field and it will also decrease the reliability and the function of your gun. Using low-grade paint well also result in malfunction sooner than later. Therefore, you need to be absolutely certain that there are no broken or uneven paint in the loader because if so, it will most definitely break down

Reliability depends on how well you take care of your equipment and the quality of the accessories you use. Maintenance is everything and like I did mention here above, don’t try to save few bucks by going for cheap gun, paint or accessories. Treat paintball like a real hobby and take care of your equipment and maintain it regularly. Get to know your gun, how it feels and master it!


Hoppers can vary in types but most common ones are made of plastic. Usually, hoppers that are made of plastic are fragile. You need to be careful if you dive or drop. Regarding top-rated hoppers, they can be treated roughly and do not have a history of cracking or breaking apart. Usually, it is not the hopper that breaks first but more the internals that are considered weaker and tend to malfunction and break first.

Every single electronic hopper relies on some sort of exclusive system that is going to feed paint down the feeding neck and into the paintball gun. Some force the paint through a rotary and from there down the neck while others are gravity-reliant. The internal parts are designed to be durable but of course they are more sensitive than the shells. In other words, the outside is manufactured to protect the internals so it all boils down to how well each loader feeds paint down into the gun.

Final Thoughts

Now we have gone through durability, reliability and capacity of paintball hoppers so now it is time to find out how you can find the perfect one for you. It goes without saying that the best choice is the one that feels best for you. Always, take time to master your gun. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to maintain the loader, how quiet your loader is and in terms of accessories, most of the equipment available today is quality design.

When you are choosing the loader for your gun, you need to be certain that it is fits your style of play. That is to say, speedball players should go for high-end, high-performance loaders, and woodsball/scenario players should be on the lookout for sturdy, durable hoppers that will be able to handle long days in rough weather conditions.

In conclusion, like I did mention here above, make sure that when you invest in a loader/hopper, paintball gun or other accessories, that it fits your playing style. Basically, hoppers are a very personal preference. It is essential that the user is comfortable with his equipment. I hope that I provided you with enough information to select a new hopper/loader that will fit your playing style. Keep in mind, you’ll find hundreds of picks to choose from. So, the best way to decide is to do your research properly. Feel free to explore my webpage for more information on how to maximize your paintball experience.