Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker Review

Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker Review

Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker ReviewHere is a marker that you will fall in love with if you are a scenario or tactical paintball gamer. This paintball gun is the absolute best for Mil-Sim game-play. This marker will provide you with quality and give you an edge over your competitors. There are so many awesome features that determine the high-quality performance of the DYE and the production team has really brought Mil-Sim game-play to whole new level with this marker. It’s such a sophisticated and advanced technology marker that any paintballer will fall in love with it immediately. The best part is that you are able to fine-tune it and modify the setups and options to fit your personal preferences. That way, you can be sure that you are playing with a marker that fits your style of play perfectly.

The marker shines in your hands once you grab it and it is easy to understand why this paintball gun is so popular among paintballers, just by holding it in your hand. It feels exactly like you are holding a top-rated quality gun. It might seem a bit bulky and heavy on pictures, but once you hold in your hands you won’t believe how lightweight and comfortable it is. However, the most important part is the action on the field and once you bring it on the field you will enjoy performance that you have never ever experienced in your life. You will have everything in a gun that you will ever need. The Dye team did pay close attention to what customer wanted in their “perfect” paintball marker and the end result is one of the leading sophisticated paintball marker on the market today.

As I did mention above, this marker is specifically designed for tactical paint-ballers. You will have in your hands a stunning tactical marker that will offer you functions, performance, durability and efficiency on a level that no marker car today. It’s not just about the performance, because the look is also something that the Dye people worked on. Aesthetics that make the marker even more real and more fun to head on the field to blast your opponents.

The DAM is brings-out the optimal formula of performance, versatility and efficiency. However, the question remains, why is this paintball gun so highly favored?  Now, let’s take a closer look at the Dye Assault Matrix DAM but the main objective of this review is to discover precisely where the level of quality lies in this hugely favored paintball gun. Hopefully, at the end you will be able to make an informed decision whether this marker will fit your gaming style and needs.

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Key Features

  • Electronic marker
  • .68 Caliber
  • Spool Valve operation
  • HPR 145psi – LPR 80psi operating pressure
  • High Pressure Air System
  • Autococker barrel thread
  • Barrel length is 14 inches
  • Barrel bore size is .688 caliber
  • Weights 5lbs and 2oz
  • Length is 31 inches
  • Around 20 BPS


This beauty comes ready out-of-the-box magazine feed. It doesn’t matter if you are left or right handed, the reloading function is extremely easy to perform and you can still maintain a low profile on the field even though you are re-loading. The design of the magazine make this gun Shaped Projectile ready so you can be sure that you will always fire-off like a pro with a real gun. All you have to do is to position yourself, balance your accuracy and the trigger will do the rest. This monster gun will perform direct head-shots every single time once you have mastered your gun. It will be easy as just point, shoot and kill!

It is so easy to operate the DAM. With just a push of a button, you will be switching from Semi-Auto to Full-Auto mode easily. Moreover, there is a wide range of options for firing modes to choose from. Everything was designed to cater your preferred style of play. You can even perform changes you want on the go and without having to dissemble your marker. You can even do all these changed during gameplay!  Just by pressing a button you can set he precision or the volume and a board lockout can be implemented so you can switch immediately to tournament mode. You can customize your gun to any gameplay you want just with a push of a button.

The DAM features a quick release bolt system that makes use of magnets. These magnets within the back cap are supposed to trigger the back cap to extent and provide you with sufficient surface area to hold the bolt and unscrew it to make the maintenance process a dead simple action.


I did mention it above that the DAM is perfect for woods-ball game play. There are so many features that make this gun function better than other markers that are intended for Mil-Sim. Being the first ever magazine fed gun with full Auto-first strike ability, make the DAM one of the most innovated paintball markers on the market today. The way it functions is probably one of the key selling points of this marker.

You will be able to rapidly switch from magazine to hopper and it has been designed now with a magazine fed ability and a rotating eye pipe that make this marker one of its kind. Once again I will mention that it is ideal to use it in Mil-Sim scenarios but it would also function in speedball. However, given the size and the features, the tactical game play is the best paintball game for this unit. Users are very happy with how easy it is to switch between firing modes.

You are able to switch, in no time, between Full-Auto, Semi, Safe and Burst. Moreover, users are constantly commenting on how great it fires and the reason lies in the spool valve system. Although it may look like extremely heavy (giving that it’s the same size as a full rifle!), the DAM is actually very light to carry. If you want your marker to function properly, you need to pay close attention to maintenance. You should clean your gun regularly and make it a routine task after each game day to lube and clean your gun. Take out the regulator and lube it. It’s actually easy to access it and all you have to do is to remove the back cap. Make sure you lube the bolt also after each use.

The OTF system

It’s important to mention the OTF system that the DAM features. Basically what that means is On-The-Fly. This will give the user complete control over the performance of the marker. You are able to switch easily from hopper to magazine or magazine to hopper depending on your needs. This is yet another awesome feature of this marker that players because this makes the gun extremely efficient and the player has the ability to choose the best firing mode, depending on what type of game-play he/she is playing.


  • Very easy to carry around, thanks to the aluminum body construction
  • You can use two different calibers of paintballs
  • Extremely easy to customize to your preferred playing style
  • Very versatile gun featuring the OTF system
  • Extremely accurate
  • Easily switch between mag and hopper
  • Shoots First Strike Rounds
  • Very easy to dissemble for maintenance

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  • A bit pricey
  • Heavier than most models on the market
  • Noisy firing

Final Thoughts

The qualities and the efficiency of the DAM marker make it ideal for any tactical scenario paintball player. However, I do realize that it might seem like a hefty price tag for someone on a tight budget. The reality in paintball is, that you get what you pay for and the basic fact is that quality will cost some money. If you are making your first step in the game of paintball, it’s probably better to look for more entry-level friendly marker. But for those of you seasoned players, who know exactly what the Mil-Sim or tactical scenario game is about, you won’t be disappointed with this marker. If you are looking to step-up your game with a reliable gun that is easy to customize and made with quality and efficiency in mind, then this marker might your perfect fit!