Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun ReviewThis marker is ideal for newbies as well as mid-level players. First thing you will notice is the amazing aesthetics and design that clearly show ambitious lines and curves that make up for its trendy look.  It has a unique look to it and you will not find any gun with the same aesthetics as this one. What makes this marker ideal for entry level players are the fantastic features and what’s more, it is getting raving reviews for its quality, reliability and durability.

As I said here above, this marker is fantastic for beginners-mid level players. However, intermediate-advanced players will probably not be completely satisfied with the gun but casual paintballers and those who are new to the game will love it.  Dye is a reputable manufacturer in the paintball world and they are known for their high-quality markers and they always seem to be able to develop budget-friendly markers. Keep in mind though, that a budget-friendly marker does not mean that it contains low quality features. This marker is affordable and does a great job to provide you with an innovative model that is yet just another exemplary case of the superiority and depth that the Dye team has put into their guns.

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Key Features

  • Hyper 3 In-line Regulator to maximize response time
  • Includes color coded O-Rings to ease up the maintenance process
  • Amazing ergonomic comfort
  • Top-rated aluminum design
  • Eye-Pipe for further protection against dirt and debris
  • Versatile Feed Neck
  • Multiple firing modes to enhance performance
  • 11 inch Proto Barrel
  • 155 PSI Operating Pressure
  • LED Program control with 4 different modes and firing adjustments options


Just like every Dye marker on the market, this particular model includes the Hyper 3 regulator. With this regulator, you will be sure to enjoy best performance on the field if you compare this marker with others within the same price range. You will enjoy fantastic air-efficiency with the 155 PSI that will fire-off up to 18 bps (balls per second) through its .68 caliber auto-cocker electro-pneumatic barrel and all this will provide you with stunning accuracy. You have the ability to choose between 4 tournament modes and an Auto-Fire function that is just a switch away. Users are very happy to be able to have enough space to finger spray and users are even able to modify the aluminum trigger length.

Some users have been commenting on how much gas this marker uses. In that case, be prepared for it and play with a bigger tank. You might have to adapt to a bigger tank than you are used to play with but if you are beginning, keep in mind a larger tank. There is minimum recoil and once you fire-off shots,  you can be sured that there will be close to none kick back.


This marker is more compact than other markers with similar features. However, it is designed as a mid-range marker in size. The design features a superb aluminum built Ultra-Lite Ergonomic frame. One of its brilliant design features is the eye-pipe system that was built to prevent dirt and debris to stack up on your marker. More design features include a flexible clamping feed-neck, LED operation board, 11inch Proto barrel and lasers inside the chamber to enhance its durability.

All in all, this beautifully designed gun is attractively anodized gun and will be delivered to you in a stylish looking box. Unboxing this item brings up excitement just like when you are unboxing an iPhone. The Dye team has made sure that that un-boxing process would be an enjoyable course of action. Here we have one of the most appealing guns on the market, thanks to its stylish lines and curves and it will be close to impossible to find more eye appealing marker within Proto Rail´s in budget range. You can also choose from a multitude of colors that include blue, black, tan, purple, lime clear, orange and red.

When you analyze the product pictures, you might think that this paintball gun is heavy to hold and bulky. However, the reality is that once you grab it, you will be pleasantly surprised by how light it weighs, only 2 pounds in total, once the barrel, tank and loader are secured. It’s amazingly well balanced and it won’t slide out of your hands, thanks to its comfy grip.

Air Efficiency

This is probably the most important thing about any paintball gun regardless of its price-tag. Air efficiency is something that is going to determine the performance of your marker. The Proto Rail marker provides you with excellent air efficiency. For this price, you won’t get more accurate paintball marker and considering its size, it will do what it states on the tin.

There are many factors that affect air efficiency and those factors are sometimes out of your hands. It all depends on temperature, wind, paintball qualities and tank size. Moreover, and probably the most important factor that determines air efficiency is how you maintain your gun. The tank on this marker will allow you to fire-off around 1200 paintballs in total and you can expect to average around 1100 shots on a 68/45.


Just like with air efficiency, maintenance is a crucial part of determine the durability and performance of your marker. Once you un-box the Dye you will notice that it comes with a complete color manual, warranty card, barrel bag, Allen wrenches, the marker itself, lube  and the 11inch barrel. This marker is extremely durable and will operate well beyond half a million total shots, given that you properly maintain your marker. This number of total shots is all made possible with the 9 volt battery.

With the battery you will perform 40000 extra shots. As I have stated over and over again in all my paintball articles, those who take time to maintain, clean and tune their marker regularly (ideally after each game day) will see their marker last for years to come. There is basically no excuse not to clean and maintain this marker because it includes everything you will ever need to perform proper maintenance. Dissemble is also very easy process as the color coded O-rings will make maintenance much easier.


  • Very stylish design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Appealing price-tag
  • Hyper 3 high quality air regulator
  • Extremely durable aluminum design
  • Quality-rated performance that provides excellent air efficiency
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Works with a 9-volt battery that will boost 40.000 extra shots

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  • Spends a lot of gas
  • Feedneck design could be better
  • Might have to upgrade the stock barrel to improve accuracy

Final Thoughts

Although the Dye Proto will not satisfy the die-hard tournament fanatics, it is fantastic marker for those who are making their first steps into the paintball world or casual players. It has amazing features, feels nice to operate and shoots accurately.

Keep in mind that this is relatively cheap paintball marker and should be treated as such. Evidently you won’t get the same features as with the Matrix marker that cost over 1000 dollars. It was not designed for experienced players. Some users bought it as a back-up marker. You won’t find such a quality gun at this price tag on the market today.

To sum it up, in case you are searching for an entry level tournament marker, you’re not going to be disappointed with this model. You can even tweak it and upgrade it to fit your gaming style even better. I highly recommend this gun if you are starting out or just play casually.