GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun Review

GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun Review

GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun ReviewThe GOG eNMEy is a solid paintball gun. Its simple design makes it an easy to use marker making it suitable for beginners. It is lightweight to give the user hours of use without getting tired. It is also easy and quick to maintain, and users appreciate this in a paintball gun.

There are many high quality paintball guns available in the market but not each unit has all features. A standout feature for this gun is that it is fully pneumatic. The pneumatic trigger does not have a long pull and offers smooth and fast shooting. It also has a significant accuracy making it great for learners. Its low-pressure operation makes it a safe gun. Users love the less recoil and quietness which is very hard to find in most guns within the same level.

The spool valve and its ability to operate with a low-pressure give this gun advantage over other mechanical guns. The paintball gun can also be upgraded to improve its performance for intermediate players. Its price, capability, safety, and structure make a great entry-level paintball gun.

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  • Operates on carbon dioxide or compressed air
  • Fully pneumatic design
  • Low-pressure operation stabilized by a vertical regulator
  • Includes 10/12-inch stock barrel
  • Can be converted from .50 caliber to .68
  • The spool valve design does not require batteries, springs or hammer cutting down on wear
  • Constant 160 PSI gas pressure
  • Features a relief valve to protect the valve constituents from carbon dioxide pressure spikes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Delivers speed and accuracy with the high-end tournament system
  • Valve core removes and replaces easily via the bolt-out-the back design
  • Easily adjustable short trigger
  • Aluminum receiver and composite polymer body


The eNMEy valve is powered by regulated gases as opposed to springs. This guarantees both accuracy and speed. The gun also features a relief valve that protects the gun’s valve components from carbon dioxide pressure spikes. This further guarantees the user constant shots enhancing their shooting accuracy. This feature puts into consideration entry-level users as it makes precise shooting less of a hassle for them. The gun’s performance is also boosted by the short trigger that enables the user to engage it with little pressure. The trigger can be easily adjusted as preferred by the user to 8 different settings.

The pneumatic design eliminates the use of springs, batteries or hammers guaranteeing fewer chances of breaking down as fewer pieces are involved in firing balls. This provides the user with a smooth and uniform flow of paintballs keeping them in the game for long hours. It is also lightweight to enable the user to carry it around and be in the game even longer without being put down with the gun’s weight. The anti-chop mechanism guarantees users get the best out of this gun whether as beginners or advanced players.


Irrespective of the user’s skill, this gun has put into consideration a number of features to guarantee ease of use. First, the GOG eNMEy is easy to maintain for the user’s convenience. The mechanical marker will enable the user to shoot as much as they can as opposed to battery powered guns. Its low-pressure operation is also efficient to the user. It operates at 160 PSI which is very low ensuring the tank lasts long during playtime. Users also find this convenient as it is quiet and vibrates less. This enables them to sneak around the field without being caught by their opponents.

Another great advantage of this gun is that it has reduced paintball chopping and barrel breaks. This is caused by the gun running on low-pressure leading to the user’s bolt striking paintballs with less force. It has a vertical regulator that ensures consistent operation by stabilizing the gas pressure. This ensures that the velocity set by the user cannot fluctuate to unsafe levels.

It takes less than 3 minutes to lubricate the bolt system and does not require any tool ensuring the user spends time in the game other than fixing the gun. The gun is also ready for use as soon as the mechanical safety has been engaged. It further boasts of minimal recoil due to the low-pressure operation giving entry-level users an easy time.


The construction of eNMEy makes it a good choice for entry-level users. Its design differentiates it from other mechanical markers in the market. First, it uses a spool valve which is not found in most mechanical guns. This ensures a smoother firing from the spring and blow-forward system. It has only 4 O-rings that are easily accessible. This design ensures the gun requires minimal maintenance while still offering the benefits of a spool valve. However, there are many ways to keep your paintball gun maintain, but one of the most common ways for the maintenance is ‘oil frequently’.

The pneumatic design also reduces metal to metal wear for durability and minimal maintenance. Users like that they get to concentrate more on the game as opposed to fixing their gun. The gun has used good quality materials in its construction. The nylon fiber reinforced cover offers a sturdy gun. Its grip frame imitates those found on modern military rated rifles for stability.

With only one moving part that serves as both the bolt and the main valve, no springs and no metal on metal contact, the bolt and valve are easy to clean. The bolt also easily comes out from the back for ease of cleaning. Given its less complicated cleaning and maintenance, beginners have an easy time with this gun. The handle of this gun and the contoured frame makes it comfortable for the user to hold the marker.

Additional features

Users love a paintball gun that can be customized to suit their needs. The GOG eNMEy has few moving parts that allow the user to slightly upgrade the marker. The trigger pull can be shortened by removing the grip panel. For increased rates of fire, lighter trigger pulls and increased firing modes, the user can modify their gun with the eNMEy electronic trigger.

The eNMEy includes two calibers; .68 and .50. With this gun, the user can convert from a .50 caliber to .60 quickly and easily with no tool needed. This gives a versatile gun that can be used in any field for any game type. This feature also makes it easy to use by both beginners and occasional players.

Lastly, GOG offers a lifetime warranty for this gun which is very useful to the user. This is unique as it cannot be compared to any other offer in other paintball guns.

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  • Both customizable and upgradable
  • Features an anti-chop mechanism
  • Reliable
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Lightweight this suitable for entry-level users
  • Less recoil or kickback
  • Offers quiet and smooth firing with the spool valve design
  • Does not require batteries


  • It is hard to depressurize the tank before removing it since the marker’s ASA does not come with a switch to put it on or off
  • Uses a braided steel line for air instead of macro line but this can be upgraded


The ease of use and minimal maintenance required by this gun makes it a great choice for starters. It is also upgradable to allow the user to grow with the gun as they improve their paintball skills. The high accuracy and high rate of firing makes it a good entry-level gun as it gives learners the confidence to learn. The GOG eNMEy also makes a good back up gun for advanced players thanks to its price and versatility.