Planet Eclipse Geo3.5 Review

Planet Eclipse Geo3.5 Review

Planet Eclipse Geo3.5 ReviewOver the years, there are extremely few enhancements to a markers performance that have exhibited such immense overall performance as the IVCore has done to the Geo platform. With the huge IVCore update, there has been a major enhancement in overall efficiency. But that’s not all, because the Planet Eclipse team has also perfected  both the feel and sound of this marker.

This marker, from Planet Eclipse called the Geo3.5 is an excellent, high quality and truly stunning paintball gun. It is packed with features that were designed to maximize efficiency and performance on the field. The Geo 3.5 is famous for its comfortable handling and innovative sound signature. You will enjoy bolt speed control system, spool valve design and integrated body filter, just to name few awesome features.

Once you decide to try your luck buying a new paintball gun, you’ll most likely end up with several options and that is the reason why it’s so hard to reach a decision point. Sometimes the options just become overwhelming.  However, even though it might feel like a daunting task to choose a paintball marker, have in mind that you should always take your time and never decide in hurry. The best thing you can do is to take time to compare options and decide on a marker that you think will last you for years to come. I hope I can help you to reach an informed decision and that you can decide for yourself if the Geo3 will fit your playing style and needs.

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Key Features

  • Electronic marker
  • IVCore drive assembly
  • Spool valve design
  • BSC (Bolt Speed Control System)
  • Break-Beam Sensor System
  • Built-in alarm beeper
  • Revolutionary solenoid system
  • Lengthy grip to ensure stability and comfort
  • 9 different preset de-bounce modes to choose from
  • 5-point adjustable trigger
  • Built-in body filter
  • Easily remove all internal bolt components without using any tools
  • Compatible with any tank
  • Quick-Release bolt system
  • .68 caliber


In comparison to previous Geo models, this marker performs incredibly. Just think about it, the previous models were (are!) all high-rated, top quality markers but the Geo3.5 has now taken the game of paintball to a whole new level! The shots are unbelievably consistent and smooth. You will have no problems at all shooting across the field or corner to corner and you will be stunned by its accuracy. Even though the Geo3.5 is extremely compact, it is fast on the draw and comfy to carry. The solenoid adjustment screw is going to come in very handy to help users to optimize the gun even more.

All the standard operational concept of the previous Geos have now been transformed and reworked for perfection. In terms of performance, if you want to master maximum efficiency, its good idea to separate the shooting chamber away from the gas supply when you fire to minimize any loss of gas after the ball has exited after you fire. This is a technology that the Geo3.5 features to supply control supply to the chamber via the Innovative solenoid controlled isolation system.
With all these amazing features, you might be thinking that this marker is complicated to master but you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to learn the functions of the Geo 3. The Planet Eclipse production team has really done a fantastic job with this marker by keeping the design simple but effective.


This marker has a beautiful and stylish design that’s extremely lightweight and streamlined. The Planet Eclipse designers have made some cool aesthetic improvement. These enhancements include, for example, larger visual display, new solenoid adjustment screws, trimmed down milling, extended real rubber contact point, new eye covers and raised grip frame so you can enjoy better line of sight.

The designers have made some important enhancements to bring together stylish look and maximum performance. With the all new solenoid design, the Geo3.5 features are now completely re-structured and re-designed to optimize the gaming experience.

Reliability and Maintenance

When it’s about reliability, you count count on the Geo3.5. It’s just amazing how the Planet Eclipse production team has been able to turn such sophisticated paintball marker into a simple and easy to learn gun. Reliability holds true with the Geo3.5 and maintenance is extremely quick and simple process. You don’t have to scratch your head or wonder what tools to use for dissemble because this marker requires no tools at all. All you have to do is to clean the propshaft and the bolt, re-lube and then re-assemble, that’s all there is to it! You will need to maintain the regulator every 2-3 months and that’s the absolute minimum.

Current owners have been commenting on the maintenance process and they all agree that this unit is ideal for those who are looking for a marker that you can just take out-of-the-box and play with, or a marker that you can just play-and-forget every. You need to perform minimal maintenance and once you have to perform a deep cleaning, the process is dead simple.


You are able to adjust this gun to your playing style and need as this marker features massive variety of adjustability. You’re supplied with the typical trigger options of either micro-switch or opto along with either magnetic or spring tension. Moreover, the trigger features a complete pre, post and trip activation adjustments. That way, you will have, at your fingertips, every type of trigger combination that you will ever need during any type of game-play.

You can adjust the board settings through the LCD interface and this LCD interface is extremely easy to use and learn. You can even change the background and colors on the interface if you wish to via the E-portal connectivity. Overall the board is excellent but some users did mention that the firing modes are slightly limited with only semi and ramp options to choose from.


  • Extremely quiet and accurate
  • Very little barrel rise
  • Fantastic air-efficiency
  • Very easy to access the bolts
  • Extremely easy to maintain,
  • Comprehensive and full-color manual to help you fix and clean simple things on your own
  • Very smooth shots
  • Innovative solenoid adjuster on the frame so you can change the efficiency and smoothness
  • Very comfortable to hold and operate
  • Built-in body filter
  • Bolt Speed-Control-System
  • Spoof valve design

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  • Not too much air per fill
  • One user did report that the On/Off ASA has to be popped before the tank fully goes on

Final Thoughts

In many cases, cheap is not always the best option and when searching for your perfect paintball marker, you need to be sure you are investing in high-quality and reliable paintball gun. This marker is a bit pricey for some paintballers. However, the reality is that quality cost and this marker is extremely promising when it comes to the all the fantastic features that it includes and these are features that you won’t find in any other paintball gun out there.

If you want your marker to last, you need to maintain it properly. Although current users are blown away of how little maintenance work they need to perform, you should keep in mind that maintenance can determine the durability of you gun. It is always best to clean your marker after each use, no matter what the manufacturer states in the manual. If you maintain your marker properly, you will enhance efficiency and your gun will last longer. This paintball gun is so easy to access and de-assemble that there is no excuse not to maintain it after every use.

As I mentioned above, you are paying for top rated quality if you end up investing in the Geo3.5. If you are looking for the absolute best, a marker that dominates the paintball gun market in terms of efficiency, performance and reliability, then I urge you to have a go at the Geo3.5. This marker is for serious paintball players who are looking to seriously step-up their paintball gaming experience. With this marker, you won’t find any better!