Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun ReviewThe A5 sniper paintball gun is one of the most popular paintball guns in the market. The latest style, accuracy the sniper can get from it are incomparable in the market. The package includes everything that will make it more useful for the owner and will enhance the features and usage of the paintball gun. The paintball gun comes with small features and details which help the shooter in many ways on and off the field.

The Tippmann paintball gun is admired for its speed. A cyclone feed system is chosen to be featured on this machine so that the gun can have enough power to unleash a number of balls at once. The convenience that this gun brings is another reason why this machine is adored by customers. This paintball gun can be reassembled in about a minute or even less after some practice. The frame can also be entirely stripped for storage and safekeeping. The durability of this is also without a doubt one of the most amazing aspects of this gun. It is made extra sturdy to ensure that it lasts a long time and can take heavy impacts.

This paintball gun is the perfect blend of accuracy, precision, durability, and many other features to make it one of the best in the market. Snipers will love the use it and will surely make paintballing a better experience than before.

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Key features

  • The cyclone feed system is responsible for linking the feeder sprocket to the air mechanism helping the paintball gun increase its speed
  • The system is semi-automatic which means that it has the ability to fire as fast as the trigger is pulled
  • A fully enclosed receiver can be achieved with the gun cocking knob that this sniper paintball gun comes with
  • Each fill can give about 500 shots
  • The front grip is vertical for a better and more stable shooting experience
  • The range of the gun reaches up to 250 feet
  • The package includes a 200 round stock hopper
  • The maximum feed rate of the gun is about 17 balls per second
  • The gun can easily be dismantled for safe storage and easy cleaning
  • The gun can be reassembled in about 60 seconds or even less


The A5 paintball gun is a high-performance gun which is perfect for snipers. It is specially designed for people in the sniper position to make their experience much better and very precise with this gun. The gun has plenty of features that are targeted to ensure that the performance is enhanced that is not usually available in the market.

One of the best things about this paintball gun is that it can work with any kind of gas. You can work it with compressed air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen. The company understands that each one has a slightly different aspect when it comes to shooting so the option helps the shooter stand their ground in the position that they find most desirable.

One of the most important and enhanced factors is the speed that you can get with the A5 paintball gun. The cyclone feed system is linked to the air mechanism which allows over 17 balls to be shot per second. The semi-automatic trigger starts this action according to the action of the user.

The performance is further enhanced with the strong and sturdy body of the gun. It is made to ensure that it can handle the impact of the shooting and make it much more durable.


Such a strong powered and precise gun needs to have features that make it more durable. The A5 sniper paintball gun is made of many factors that allow the gun to be more durable than its competitors.

The body of the gun is made extra sturdy so that the gun can remain steady during shooting. The dark black body is made with an aluminum die-cast receiver to make sure the strength is not compromised.

An additional feature that is not usually found in paintball sniper guns is the end cap which is shock absorbing. This feature allows the reduction of the gun from being worn out faster than usual. The shock absorbing feature also allows the body to remain sturdy throughout the experience and for a longer period of time. There is a front cocking knob that is featured in this paintball gun which allows the receiver to be fully enclosed. This reduces unnecessary contact and makes the gun safer and more durable.

One thing that reduces the life of paintball guns is the storage and the lack of cleaning facilities in the gun. The A5 can easily be stripped apart for cleaning and safe and durable storage. The convenience remains as the gun can easily be assembled in a minute.

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Compatibility of the gun comes with compressed air, nitrogen, and even carbon dioxide for versatility and better performance. All aluminum die-cast receiver is blended with a strong black finish which helps in enhancing the durability of the gun and helps it absorb impact.

The red spot or the high-end marker features in this paintball gun to ensure that accuracy in shooting is easily achieved. An end cap is a fit that absorbs shock that comes with the shooting; this helps in reducing the damage of the gun and reducing it from wearing out early.

Additional features

Besides the basics, every product needs additional features that make the product better and the purchase worth the money. This paintball gun comes with a variety of add-ons to make it desirable.

The first and most important thing is that in the package is the custom-designed box for the A5 sniper gun. It includes the gun, barrel, the hopper, the cyclone feed extensions, a barrel safety bag, barrel lube, and other basic features.

There is also a brand new 16-inch barrel in a plastic case that is a part of the package. The red dot site is also very important to ensure that the gun can be more precise and the shooting can have a better experience is also included. It product even comes with batteries and a RAP4 stock.

Overall, the gun leaves no stone unturned and provides a great way to enjoy your paintballing experience.


  • Shock absorbing end cap for durability
  • Enhanced speed and accuracy
  • A red spot site in the package to enhance the accuracy
  • The range is about 250 feet of accuracy and precision


  • Longer barrels are not suitable for snipers
  • The red dot is difficult to use with a mask on
  • Any other company paintballs cannot be used as they clog the hopper


The various features and advantages that this gun has make it a great purchase. This gun fits the durability and the impact the sniper will need in paintball and allows them to make precise shots without having to face the shock as the gun has features that absorb them all.

The design is made with the latest features and gives a stylish and impactful look. The price of this paintball gun is extremely fair and makes the purchase worth the money.