What to Wear Paintballing?

What to Wear Paintballing

If you’re just starting out playing paintball for the first time or maybe you have just played few times before, it is likely that you have wondered what you should wear. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or seasoned paintball player, every player out there is paying close attention to what to wear in order to maximize comfort and prevent injuries. Below, I intent to provide you with detailed information about what you should wear while you are playing paintball. You need to select the right cloths and equipment to wear in order to ensure safety and most of all, to enjoy the game-play. It will pay-off to dress properly and accordingly.

Choose Thick Clothing over Thin

 What to Wear PaintballingYou should consider thick clothing over thin clothing. It’s common knowledge that it is very bad idea to storm on the paintball field wearing just sandals, shorts and a t-shirt. However, many beginners (and even some seasoned players) aren’t sure how they should dress and what kind of clothes serve as a protective clothing that minimize pain and injury. Also you need to consider movements, you have to be able to comfortably move and duck quickly while staying protected. If you march on the field wearing shorts and t-shirt, the cruel reality will face you as you realize that it hurts to be hit by paintballs.

They are not soft at all! Paintball can even rip a hole in your clothing. Imagine being hit at an excessive velocity in the throat by a paintball, or in the eyes. It will hurt a lot if you don’t wear proper protective clothing. Therefore, as the title states, you should wear thick clothing rather than thin ones. Such as thick shirts and pants that will minimize the pain of getting hit by a paintball. Choose cloths that will reduce the impact of a fast paintball hit.

You might be thinking about just open you closet and put on some old clothes before you head out to play. If you do so, make sure you put on many layers of clothing to reduce the paint of being hit by a paintball. Having multiple layers will create extra space between the outer layer and your body. That way, your clothing will take most of the hits before it reaches your skin and the hit wont “burn” so much. Also think about in what climate you will be playing paintball.

Maybe you will be playing paintball in hot climate and if so, it is not so good idea to dress multiple layers. Don’t get obsessed with layers though, if you are playing with your friends in extremely hot climate, all of you guys have to take care and prevent overheating and dehydration. It’s not good idea to wear your brand new designer clothes paintballing because once you get hit it will leave paint marks on your clothes and your gear.

Whatever it takes, just make sure that you have no skin exposed because, like I have mentioned several time here above, getting hit by a paintball will burn and they will sting once they come into contact with your skin. In some cases, a paintball can leave a welt if you get hit in the right spot. Often you feel burn or sting even when you get hit in some part of your body that is covered with layers. I recommend you to make your paintball-gameplay pain and ache free experience and you can do so by doing your research and invest in proper clothes.

Proper Protection for Upper Body

 What to Wear PaintballingWhen it’s about specific outfits, you should be wearing a long sleeve shirt as your first layer, kind of like a base of the layers. If you want to add even more protection, you can add the 2nd long sleeve shirt. Over the long sleeve shirts, it is advisable to wear a sweatshirt. If you want to take you game-play to another level, you can of course go for special paintball jersey. You can get awesome designs and jerseys that are specially made to increase your comfort while protecting you from injures on the field. Most of the players just settle for a simple light rain coat. If you don’t like the special jerseys, you can opt in for padded shirts. These are shirts that are very similar to shirt made by UnderArmour. These shirts are made with extra layers and include extra pads in order to provide more protection. Have in mind that specially designed jersey or shirts with padding could turn out expensive, especially if you are on a low budget.

But on the PLUS side, they are extremely comfortable to wear and you can get them in all sizes, you can even choose between long or short sleeve. These shirts are specially designed to reduce the velocity of the paintballs once they hit you and you won’t feel any “burn “if you get hit. Some people are concerned that with all these paddings and protection your moves will be affected. The reality is however, since these types of clothing are specially designed for paintball, they won’t restrict you in any way at all.  It is always better to wear more than less. It is not a good feeling to be out there playing wishing you had more layers than being on the field wishing you had fewer layers. You can always take off your layers between game-plays but you will be sorry if you need more layers and don’t have!

Many of you guys love to spice up the game a little bit and wear sniper style suits. This type of suit is extremely popular among hunters that use real rifles and scopes. However, the great players of paintball love to wear sniper suits because they are extremely comfortable to wear and one of the greatest benefits of wearing sniper suit is that it provides camouflage. You can buy sniper and military supplies in various places online. There are so many sniper outfits to choose from, you can go for pants, jackets, shirts, hats, helmets etc.

Moreover, for extra comfort and extra protection you can also opt in for vests to wear outside of your layers. For those of you guys who intent to play in tournaments and other competitions. You are able to purchase paintball vests in all sizes and colors and all kinds of themes as well. You are able to buy police, sniper, and military theme vests.

Protect your Lower Body

You need to protect your lower body as well as your upper body. The best way to protect your lower body is by wearing two pairs of sport pants. As an alternative, you could go for jeans instead. There are some paintball players who would prefer to wear jumpsuits or paintball pants that are especially designed for paintball game-play. When you are playing, you will be crawling, kneeling, diving during game play.

For that reason, you should be wearing thicker pants (Thicker is always better than thinner). If you opt in for thicker pants, it will allow you to move much more easily, they will minimize the risk of bruises and the fact is that the paintballs that are shot towards you are far less likely to burst when they hit thicker layer than thinner. There is one thing that you need to be aware of, gameplays often include extremely rough terrain, rocks, twigs, dirt, and many other things that will most definitely tear a hole in your pants, sweater or jersey. I recommend you to use durable layers when you are out there paintballing.

Visual Appeals

When you are dressing up for game-play, you should preferably wear darker colors or military style clothes like camouflaged style clothing. If you do so, it will be very difficult for the other team to spot you. Pay close attention to the kind of environment that you intent play in and choose your clothing equipment accordingly. The best decision you can make is to blend as much as you can in the environment. That way, you will have an edge.

Opt in For Extra Padding

The reality is that long sleeves offer very limited protection, and that is what upset many paintball players. In that case, it is good idea to invest in some arm and knee pads that will protect your forearm and from there all the down to the wrist. Arm pads will become extremely useful for those paintballers that love to dive and slide a lot. Once you dive or slide, the protection pads will give you extra protection and they will actually soft out the blow and minimize any damage in your cloths than without pads. I recommend you to invest in a so called “slider shorts”. Slider shorts are specially designed for rough environment and those players that like to dive and slide are one of the best lower body protections that you can get.

Head Protection

It goes without saying that you need to protect your head! I advise you to look for a winter hat or even a baseball or basketball cap that you can use backwards. If you are wearing a hoodie, you can bring up your hood. It’s crucial for you to wear a helmet or a mask. You need to pay close attention to what kind of helmet or mask you invest in. Opt in for a helmet and/or mask that is specifically designed for paintball gameplay. It is painful to be hit by a paintball in the face when the paintaball is travelling over 250 feet per second, or around 200mph! Helmet or mask is the perfect way to protect your head, just put on the helmet over your hat or hoodie and you are all set.

Every single paintball helmet or mask is designed to cover your face. You can even opt in for a mask that will cover your whole head. Keep in mind that if your whole head is covered, if will most definitely decrease your vision. You need to be on the look-out for a mask/helmet that fits your head perfectly and is comfortable to wear. The helmet you end up with should stay firmly on your head, not loose when you are running, diving or crawling. Make sure it perfectly fits your head.


 What to Wear PaintballingGoggles will do magic to enhance your paintball game-play. You should invest in a pair of paintball goggles. Paintball goggles have built-in thermal style lenses that will eliminate any fog inside your mask or helmet. There are two types of goggle lenses, thermal and single lenses. You should always go for thermal style lenses. If you get a thermal style lens, it will eliminate any fog that could appear inside your mask. Without thermal style lens, your vision will be extremely limited during rain or humid conditions. One thing you need to observe is if the mask will fit your new goggles before you invest in them.

Never ever purchase goggles that are not designed for paintball game-play. It’s not enough to buy regular cheap store goggles they will not serve as well as goggles designed specifically for paintball. It can be extremely dangerous for you to wear goggles that are not designed for paintball, it can cause you serious eye damage if you get hit in the eye. Always be on the safe side and invest in proper paintball glasses.

Protect Your Hands

Essential part of paintball is to protect your hands. Never go on the field without gloves. You don’t want to get shot in your hands without gloves because it will hurt big time. Your bare hands will be exposed throughout the paintball gameplay because you will lift your hands up to aim to hit your opponent. Any shot you will receive that will hit your exposed hands will hurt pretty much. As with masks/helmets/goggles, you should always opt in for gloves that fit paintball gameplay and are specially designed for paintball.

In case you don’t want to invest in paintball gloves, you could go for thick gloves like football gloves or even garden gloves. The good thing about wearing gloves is that it allows for more padding. Some of you would prefer to wear fingerless gloves but I would not recommend it simply because your fingers are very sensitive and it hurts to get hit by a paintball. Therefore, the best solution to minimize pain in your hand is to wear proper gloves and not leave your fingers exposed.  Welding gloves, winter gloves or latex gloves are not ideal for paintball so try to stay away from these kinds of gloves. Winter gloves and welding gloves are extremely thick and they can reduce your comfort of squeezing the trigger.


Proper footwear is essential and you should invest in quality sneakers. Playing paintball involves a lot of running so you are in great risk to ankle injuries. To prevent or minimize any foot injury you should opt in for high quality sneakers that you feel comfortable jumping and running in.  There are different kinds of footwear to choose from, that includes hiking sneakers or military boots. You need to figure out what is more comfortable for you. Have in mind all the running, all the jumping and all the sudden ducks and moves that you will perform and choose your footwear accordingly. You need durable sneakers that can handle dirt, wet and all your running and sudden moves.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, remember to protect your neck by investing in a neck protector that will protect the sensitive skin area around your neck. You can wrap a scarf around your neck if you don’t want to purchase a neck protector but have in mind that scarf will make you sweat much more than a specially designed neck protector. It’s not likely you get hit in the groin area, but you should always prepare for the worst and hope the best. Get a groin protection. You will get hit in the crotch for sure at some point of your paintball game career, and be prepared for that because it hurts big time! Simple cup to place in the groin area might not feel comfortable at first but you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get used to it. It is totally worth it once that paintball hits your crotch! Better to be safe than sorry.